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Located in Sint-Truiden, with 20 years of experience in consultancy for large companies and public institutions, our core business is developing (web) applications for small or medium-sized businesses and non-profit organisations.

Is the promise of technology causing you problems?

Are the promises of liberating your employees and customers not living up to expectations? Are you frustrated that shortly after you have new equipment, it is already outdated and outmoded? Are updates, patches, functionality, capacity, downtime... all things that make your gut clench? Then it is likely we can help.

How are we different from all the others who promised you results?

V-Studios has been helping organisations around Belgium and Luxembourg take control of their technology, from honest recommendations through to managing implementations. We don't drop and run, and we certainly don't leave you wondering what happened and why. V-Studios has a track record of delivering on-time and within budget, of skilled technicians, and of responsible use of investments. We are professional, friendly, and – just ask our clients – good at what we do, however we are embarrassed by telling you this because we are also modest (our marketing consultant says we have to tell you this about us!). We are proud of our client base, and we are confident we can make you as satisfied as they are. Honestly.

How can we help you?

You tell us what you want. Firstly, you get to explain to us what you want, what you want to achieve, and where you want to head; this is a free service without strings attached. We know this sounds a bit fuzzy as a way to begin, but it is essential. Plus, we will take a look at your current installation. We need to peek behind the curtain to best know how to help you. We deal with a huge collection of technologies, many of which are too abstract or complex to describe in a way that anyone would care about if they were explained in plain English (but we love this stuff!). And from this insight, we will present you with your options without bothering you with the often dizzying distinctions between hardware, software, services, applications, file formats, companies, brand names, and operating systems.

Then what?

We realise that organisations are contending with slashed budgets, financial pressures, and civic responsibility. We are loath to see spending excesses when we know many workable, cost-effective options are available to you. We promise clear, well-thought out recommendations for your unique requirements based on our considerable experience while being mindful of financial constraints. You tell us which option you prefer. Naturally, we develop an agreement together.

  • We aim to establish a long-term relationship with our customers
  • We offer modern solutions using popular technologies
  • We brainstorm with you to get the most out of your business application

Meet the team!

As our client, we assign a technician to you – people you will know by name and can call on for help whenever you need it. We like to know our clients, and for our clients to know us. We are always on hand when you need us. Our existing clients can confirm this for you. We are not a faceless company, but a family-values firm. We ensure that you are in control. We keep you informed of progress, and we like to visit regularly to make certain everything is working as it ought. This way, we safeguard you from ever needing to experience disaster recovery!

How do we do it?

We maintain your installation. This generally encompasses hardware, software, and infrastructure (things like computers, applications, and wiring). No more having suppliers pointing fingers at each other complaining that your problem is someone else's fault. We take responsibility. We deal with the sub-contractors and suppliers and protect you from the headaches and hassles that are endemic with ICT.
Imagine it: technology that works the way you want it, when you want it. Technology that helps you better service your customers!
This is what V-Studios delivers. This is what we do. Every day. Gladly.

Are V-Studios too good to be true?

No charges for travel time? What’s the catch? Where’s the hidden cost to me? V-Studios is the brainchild of Dirk Vanstraelen and Andrew Cooper. They share the philosophy that you should be treated the way they want to be: with integrity, respect, and fairness {slavish obedience}. They are also at the heart of keeping V-Studios grounded in reality - a close-knit partnership with a heart and conscience. As a result, we are committed to delivering when promised. Going above and beyond is what you will get in reality, according to our clients. This is our reasoning behind not charging you for travel time.

How we engage with you

It may not always be your cup of tea, but our Coffee Clause will surely appeal. The industry norm for ICT services is to implement a yearly contract with one month notice. However, we also operate a “coffee clause” with all our clients, which is unique and part of our company culture of delivering exceptional service. What is a coffee clause, you ask? The answer is simple: if you have an issue that cannot be resolved over a coffee and discussion - and we cannot put it right to your satisfaction - we will leave at your convenience. We have never had a client invoke this clause, and we are proud of our service track record. Given we have many clients who have been working with us for over 7 years, we believe we are getting it right - the honeymoon of a new relationship is over, the 7-year-itch has passed by, and still we work well together.

We are plain speakers, honest and up-front

Unfortunately, many people use hackneyed jargon to describe things that we think are self- evident and mandatory for delivering a service to you, such as passionate, giving 110% (a maths refresher course is needed in this case), thinking outside the box, and best practice. We believe in providing you with well- conceived options that are explained clearly, then delivered on-time and within budget. We enjoy doing this with humour and professionalism - otherwise we would look for different occupations.

Enough of talking about us. We would much rather listen to you.


We can assist you with a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

Creating Amazing Web Applications
Symfony framework

We develop efficient and secure solutions for all your business needs using the fastest PHP framework available for web projects.

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Developing Client-Server Applications
.NET based

We develop classic client-server applications using the .NET framework as frontend and SQL Server as backend database.

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Database Management
Microsoft SQL Server

We are experts at SQL Server database administration, performance tuning and High-Availability solutions for the SQL Server platform.

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Enterprise Monitoring
CA Unified Infrastructure Management

We implement and administer CA Unified Infrastructure Management as your enterprise monitoring tool.

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