Why ?

Leading PHP And Open Source Framework

Symfony is a leading PHP framework for developing websites and web applications and is supported by a community of 300,000 developers. Popular applications like Drupal and phpBB are also built using Symfony components.

Stable Backing And Support Community

Unlike many other open source projects, Symfony is developed and backed by a stable company called SensioLabs. So Symfony always has a dedicated set of people working consistently to make it better in all aspects.

Global Acceptability

Several organizations across the globe use Symfony to build intranets, general websites, social networking sites, community sites, management applications and more. Yahoo!, Drupal, phpBB – Symfony is everywhere!

Innovative Framework

The global Symfony community continually strives to take the best concepts of the web and incorporates them into the Symfony framework. As a result, Symfony has all the qualities of a great framework.

Interoperable Framework

Interoperability is one of the biggest strengths of Symfony. Symfony has been built using building blocks from other software and also provides components that can be used to build other application frameworks.