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SQL Server Installation Or Upgrade

If SQL Server is not a core competency in your organization, why not hand off a complex SQL Server upgrade or installation to an experienced team? If you are planning a new installation of SQL Server, we can make sure you get started right. We can quickly create a properly configured, secure SQL Server environment for you.

No matter what older version of SQL Server you are on currently, it makes sense to have an experienced team handle the upgrade safely and quickly.

SQL Server Health Check

From verifying the instance settings, implementing index changes, reviewing stored procedures and tables to redesigning key problem areas. We always aim to apply SQL Server's best practices.

SQL Server High Availability

We have extensive expertise in multiple Microsoft SQL Server disaster recovery and high availability solutions, including AlwaysOn Availability Groups and FailOver Clustering. We can help you plan, design and implement AlwaysOn Availability Groups as part of your organization’s upgrade strategy. We can also help you determine if clustering is right for you, and help you architect and deploy the best solution to meet your needs.